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Organization, efficiency, innovation, corporate culture: the drivers of winning business

ADHOC SOLUTIONS was established in 2013 to operate in the field of electronic document management, digitalization, dematerialization, and electronic data management.

ADHOC SOLUTIONS proposes simple solutions to streamline Client's processes and costs.

ADHOC SOLUTIONS' specialties are electronic storage and digital preservation, within the framework of document dematerialization. The organization of work and the sphere of enterprise risk management constitute the strengths of the consulting services, shaped ad hoc on the Client.

ADHOC SOLUTIONS has always been distinguished by its continuous search for new solutions, innovative technologies, careful listening to the needs of the Client, quality results within the agreed time and manner, and flexibility with which it adapts to the specific needs of the Client.

The primary goal of our organization is complete customer satisfaction through the achievement of results, achieved with passion, perseverance and professionalism, in compliance with current best practices and regulations, with particular attention to data and information security.

The winning factor of our organization is human resources: young in age and/or spirit, constantly trained and involved in the company's business and Customer satisfaction.

ADHOC SOLUTIONS has decided to embark on a quality path, within which it aims to promote, develop and support the following activities:

  1. maintain and continuously improve its Quality Management System in accordance with internationally recognized UNI EN ISO 9001 and 27001 standards;
  2. ensure the availability of resources necessary for the operation and monitoring of processes and the achievement of established objectives;
  3. ensure continuous investment in the improvement of management and operational processes;
  4. determinedly pursue customer satisfaction;
  5. spread the culture of data and information security among its stake holders;
  6. preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and information in a holistic security approach involving people and technology, aware of the importance of protecting and enhancing the company's information assets (PIA);
  7. create new development opportunities in the market, with a focus on new technologies for digitization, dematerialization and processing of data and information, while complying with relevant security regulations;
  8. to promote and spread the mentality of continuous improvement, in the belief that corporate quality must be everyone's goal and therefore everyone is involved in finding solutions aimed at removing the causes of "non-quality," while complying with mandatory standards.

Management, aware that what has been stated represents a fundamental goal, is equally aware of and responsible for achieving it.

Only the contribution of all company resources in terms of sharing, participation, involvement and awareness of responsibility for the goals themselves, makes it possible to realize the results necessary to remain in an increasingly difficult, demanding, competitive market in a phase of continuous evolution, with the common goal of wanting to think confidently and serenely about the company's future.

Milano, 23 june 2022

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